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Empowering Minds Therapeutic Services

Are you going through major life changes? Have you been experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, or fear? Do you battle with feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness  or self defeating thoughts? Do you have a history of trauma or unresolved conflict?  Is it hard for you to show your vulnerabilities or ask for help? Do you feel alone? Do you need someone to talk to who will not judge your thoughts, feelings or experiences? Are you looking for someone who will listen?

Therapy is a self-care practice that provides a trustworthy, unbiased, judgement-free relationship. It provides a safe space to be vulnerable and process experiences, emotions, and thought patterns, all while learning new cognitive tools and life skills to assist with managing life stressors.  Therapy provides a space to explore ones “shadow self”, the place within where negative feelings and emotions about self are harbored and assists clients with filling that space with forgiveness, self-compassion and love.  Therapy is a space to find one's voice, tell one's story and to speak one's truth freely.


Therapy is a path, a road, a journey towards “I Matter, I am Worthy and I am Enough”. There is power and freedom in the therapeutic process. 

I believe in this journey, I am committed to this journey and I would be honored to join you as you as you walk this path.   

Reaching Out to the Sun

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

Brene Brown

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Skarlet Forwood, LCSW

Because you matter...

My passion has always been working to improve the quality of life for others. I have spent over 25 years working in multiple roles, within a number of community practices servicing adolescent females, women, families, and at-risk populations. My experience includes clinical social work, case management, advocacy,  probation, foster care, residential treatment, health education, diversion programs, and youth development (K-12). 

My work experience has provided me a greater understanding of the intricate issues affecting women, youth, and families, as well as greater insight into addressing emotional, behavioral, and psychological needs.


The two most important components of therapy are the therapist/client relationship and an individualized treatment approach that matches clients needs. I believe a strong therapeutic alliance embodies trust, safety, empathy, compassion, respect, communication, boundaries, and unconditional support. My primary focus is on women and adolescent female mental health, including anxiety and mood disorders, self-esteem parent/child communication, pregnancy/postpartum depression, domestic violence, divorce/co-parenting, grief, and trauma,  I integrate multiple therapeutic approaches, including, but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral, Psycho-Dynamic, Conflict Resolution, Trauma Focused, and Strength Based. 

I chose the path of clinical practice because I strongly believe in the healing powers of relationships, empathy, compassion, self-care, mindful processing, and empowered communication. I am flexible with my schedule and do my best to accommodate my client’s needs.  Due to Covid-19, I am providing video sessions (Telehealth) for client safety.

I truly look forward to the opportunity to hear more about you.

Sincerely, Skarlet Forwood, LCSW

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Mother and Daughter Love

Specializing in Female Health

I am a woman. a daughter, a mother, a partner, and a friend. I am human. I understand the heart and soul of a woman, a girl. Collectively, we are the same. I share in many of the same experiences and emotions. I understand your fears, joys, griefs, pains, and sorrows. I understand the anxiety and the worries. and the emotional highs and lows. I understand the insecurities and moments of self-doubt. I understand being the do-er and the selfless giver. I understand what it feels to be tired...exhausted. You are not alone. I see you and I want you to know- YOU MATTER.

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Payment Options

I am currently accepting:

Medicaid (Fee for Service), Medicare, Medicare Advantage, UHC/Optum, Cigna, BCBS (commercial), Anthem (Medicaid), Tricare, UMR, Molina, HPN and Cash Pay  (Sliding Scale $80-$125)

I am in the process being approved for: Aetna (coming soon)

Updates will be made once approved

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My experience with Skarlet was outstanding.  What I liked was that even from the first day, I felt completely comfortable and safe.  Anyone who has experienced depression, anxiety and childhood trauma knows that sometimes we can go to dark places.  It is very difficult to find a person who not only understands, but who does not judge the places my mind can take me. With Skarlet, I instantly knew that this was going to be a different experience.

Over time, we developed a relationship built on trust and compassion.  She helped me to explore the pain I was experiencing and feel more in control of my emotions and my life.  I felt truly SEEN and understood.  She was able to be honest AND kind at the same time - which allowed me to find opportunities to expand in a more intentional way toward the vision of what I wanted my life to look like.  

If you are ready to make positive shifts in your life, to re-frame the way you perceive things, and to just feel better, I would highly recommend working with Skarlet.  There is healing. There is hope. And, you ARE worth it.


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